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Script & Video Creation

There are many ways to produce a video, and many resources you can use to do so. First, for some of the nuts and bolts: there are producers and there are production companies. What’s the difference? A production company typically employs a team of producers, writers, editors, videographers, field crews, etc. They often work from an office and/or studio. An independent field producer complies a team of freelancers (including videographer, editor) who often work together to accomplish the same goal.

The Way We Work

After decades of telling stories – from the wacky and weird to the buttoned-up business – Kristen loves the challenge of developing a story and working with a top-notch team to bring it to life. As an independent producer, Kristen will meet with a client to learn about their goals, develop a vision and a production timeline. She works with award-winning videographers, editors, graphic designers, audio engineers and post-production specialists to take a project from conception to delivery. This includes interviews, script creation, writing and editing and even on-screen presentation when needed.

Projects range from 30-second promos to short marketing videos or longer format documentaries. With her skill for creative storytelling and passion for finding the core of the story, Kristen loves working with a client to create an effective story they’re proud of.

The Vision Before the Video Production

Check out the blog of the same name (under the Blog tab) where Kristen explains the five things you should consider before embarking upon a new video project. Spending a little time pre-planning your project will help it come together more quickly and efficiently, and ensure you get the video you are looking for! Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What is the message?
  3. Where will this video be shown?
  4. How much do I have to spend?
  5. How long of a video do I want?

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