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Medical Narration Voiceover Talent: A Trustworthy, Compassionate Voice

Through medical narration voiceover, a patient may receive life-saving information. A doctor may learn a new way to perform a complex procedure. A family member may gain a better understanding of how to comfort and care for their loved one. Our society has seen constantly evolving medical advances in recent decades, including a pandemic that changed the way the world operates. Medical voice over artistry has evolved along with it and includes a wide variety of different styles that can connect with audiences ranging from children to doctors.

Styles of Medical Voice Over Narration

Medical narration comes in many forms – from transcribing and narrating very technical physician notes, to the warm and comforting voice that walks a patient through their home dialysis equipment, medical projects can take on many different forms, requiring a voice over talent who can deliver emotion for some projects and step-by-step instruction for others.

Choosing a Voice that’s Knowledgeable, Caring, and Easy to Understand

Medical narration serves many powerful purposes, so it’s critical to choose a voice that is capable of not only reading complex medical terminology, but understanding and explaining it in an articulate way. A voiceover actor who specializes in medical narration may often need to convey empathy, provide inspiration, and explain complex procedures in a simple way.

Experience in Medical Narration Voice Over

This one’s easy: choose a voice over actor who is comfortable with medical terminology and has the experience and knowledge to convey complex, sometimes sensitive medical information in a confident way. When it comes to medical narration voiceover experience, Kristen Simoes has voiced projects for major medical corporations, pharmaceutical companies, nursing schools and more. With her journalism background, she has not only narrated, but co-produced two health documentaries for PBS and has spent years covering medical advances and patient stories.

Video samples include a special on Telehealth following the pandemic, a “welcome home” video for new tracheostomy patients, and an on-screen explainer for a home dialysis program that allows patients to connect “live” with a nurse.

Tracheostomy Care

PBS Viewfinder Documentary

Nx2me Nurse Virtual Sessions

UC Davis School of Medicine

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