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Storytelling Skills

Documentary narration is more than telling a story. It’s becoming a part of the story. It requires the narrator to feel the emotions, practice empathy, and step into the lives of those being portrayed, or the surroundings where the story is unfolding.

Documentaries are not only a favorite genre for Kristen to voice, they’re also the most natural. As an accomplished journalist and storyteller, finding the emotion and connecting with the characters are a passion. Discovering the unique elements in a story and revealing them in a compelling way, is an art.

Documentary Narration Voice Over Styles

According to American film critic Bill Nichols, there are six types of documentaries, each with its own narration style. The Poetic, Expository, Participatory, Observational, Reflexive and Performative mode. While some of these documentary styles require little or no narration at all, most call for a specific tone that not only serves to vocally illustrate the story, but it also be maintained for the length of the show … sometimes an hour or longer.

Female Voice Over Talent with Experience

Whether you’re needing the laid back and lazy sound of a nature documentary, or a voice over actor that can convey the fear, anxiety and worry that comes with a medical diagnosis, Kristen can meet your needs. She has considerable experience with long format projects – from eLearning to broadcast magazine shows – and enjoys the opportunity to immerse herself in the story, bringing it to life with emotions that can range from warm to excited, or from sleepy to scared.

Kristen’s first documentary, Better Safe Than Sorry, was a look at foodborne illness and a profile of a Utah family stricken from Salmonella whose young son required a kidney transplant and will suffer serious health problems his entire life. Kristen has a child the same age and connected with the family and the story in a way that made it personal to her, and more compelling for its viewers.

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