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 Okay, here’s a little secret.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  I LOVE Back-to-School time!  Not only are a plethora of colored pens, fancy to-do lists and new filing systems on sale everywhere … but my daughter goes back to school.  With this comes a return to my routine that is SO much more productive than the summer, when I’m scrambling to set up play dates and shooing my child away when she interrupts  during a zoom call.  Whew.

The other beautiful thing about back-to-school time is the reminder that we should keep learning, too.  Every voice actor is well aware that the trends change, sometimes the technology changes, and certainly your clients change.  It’s so important to always be learning, but at back to school time, I feel a natural kick-start inspired by the change in seasons and certainly by sending the kids back to school!


3 Ways to Incorporate Learning into your Life:

  1. I have to schedule time for learning.  Right now I’m shooting for two-hours a day, twice a week.  But there have been times when all I have is 20 minutes, which is better than nothing.  Just put it on the calendar.  Set a reminder.  Do it.
  1. Look around, ask around and google (thank goodness for Google).  Check on the latest courses available – what’s new this year – and ask others in the industry what they’re learning right now.  Some of the best webinars, podcasts and classes I’ve taken have been recommendations from others in the industry.
  2. Try and mix it up!  I think most of us lean toward one type of learning that we like.  Are you a techie who loves to know the latest update in your software programs as soon as they come out (or are you like me, who curses at the computer because the settings don’t look the same as they did just yesterday).  Do you get excited about acting and want to learn how to execute a perfect delivery?  Maybe you’re business minded and you want to focus on how to be a better entrepreneur, marketer or communicator?  I say try something new.  Take a course in the learning area that you lean away from.  That’s likely what you need to learn the most!

So if you’re wondering what I’m learning right now??

I’m hooked on Tina Morasco’s Library at the moment.  For anyone who is interested in working with an amazing coach but may not have the time (she’s HIGH in demand) or the money, buy Tina’s Library.  She’s a fantastic coach and she’s a casting director so she knows what clients are wanting right now. She’s truly incredible and inspiring and makes me want to hop in the audio booth and hit record every time I watch one of her videos.

For tech-related learning, I have George Whittam’s ( webinars bookmarked and have vowed to take one before the year is over.  He has a huge array of great courses – from advanced courses in editing (whichever DAW you use) to basics for beginners (how to set up your audio booth).  I’m GOING to take Adobe Audition 2022 – advanced for VO – this year.  It’s now in writing, so it has to happen.  Oh – and you get lifetime access to his webinars when you buy them!

For general business motivation, I am re-reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is brilliant!  Simple steps to creating habits.  It just makes sense … and it works!

Some of my past favorites, particularly for those who are newer in VO: Marc Scott’s podcasts and YouTube videos.  He knows marketing for VO like nobody else.  A wealth of knowledge (and he’ll make you hate marketing a little less … if you’re one of those people who hate marketing).  Larry Hudson’s 5-week editing courses are amazing!  He made me a much better editor by not only going over the basics to editing, but setting up shortcuts and easy tips for productivity.  Anne Ganguzza has a great podcast, newsletter and she helped produce my medical demo which is still my favorite demo!

What are you learning?  I’d love to add some new ideas to my list!